Acro Fusion Workshops

Ryan Hamity & Cassie Drew are coming to Charleston! We’re hosting them for 2 fun-filled days of Acrofusion, their unique blend of acrobatics and yoga. Beginners are welcome to the Friday session, and the Saturday session will build on the Friday. Contact us with any questions about the workshops, and we hope to see you there!

In these workshops Ryan and Cassie, currently living, teaching, and performing in Colorado, will give you the tools to increase your strength and flexibility, as well as introduce new tricks to add to your practice. They will break down different poses to make them accessible to everyone, teach new and exciting transitions, and introduce you to some of their own original sequences.

No partner required.

Cost: $50/session, $90/both sessions

Space is limited and pre-registration is required! Reserve your spot by calling 843.225.5601, emailing or visit our class pass page and scroll down to purchase the Acrofusion workshops.

About Ryan & Cassie:
Cassie’s biggest joy in life is being upside down and pushing the limits of gravity. Originally from North Carolina, she became a gymnast at an early age and competed all the way through college. Shortly after graduating, she moved to Colorado and started graduate school to become a teacher. During that time, she found aerial acrobatics and joined a small local circus troupe where she learned about partner acrobatics, juggling, clowning and more! She began producing her own shows and immersed herself in performance art and building her skill level. While she has played with many different forms of circus arts, her true passion is partner acrobatics, and she has been pursuing that avenue for the last four years. She performs and teaches in Colorado, and has had the opportunity to perform with artists and groups such as Elephant Revival, The String Cheese Incident, and AscenDance Project. Cassie aims to inspire others through her own creative movement, and show people that circus can be accessible to all!

Ryan grew up an active lifestyle always playing and competing. Following his time as an elite level endurance athlete he found partner acrobatics. He has been building his skills since 2009 and performing with his partner Cassie around the country since 2012. He is also a certified yoga and AcroYoga teacher. Outside of Acrobatics he enjoys juggling, slackline, rock climbing, and playing on his personally built hand balancing equipment. He also spends his time working as an electrician and building performance props and sets.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Dates Announced!

We are excited to host Michelle Dortignac, founder of Unnata® Aerial Yoga, to lead Charleston’s first comprehensive Aerial Yoga Teacher Training course! This training will be assisted by Aerial Fit founder, Jordan Anderson.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Dates: Sep 6, 2014 – Sep 14, 2014
Cost: $1,580; or $1,350 early bird * if paid in full by August 8, 2014
$475 deposit requested for enrollment; deposit fully-refundable through August 8, 2014
All tuition fees, application fees, course materials, and licensing fees are included in the above costs. (Lunch/dinner not included.)

Notes: The Unnata Aerial Yoga Teacher Training course gives a lot of information in a relatively short amount of time. Course days will frequently span 9-10 hours, including a long lunch break.

The Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program is available only to students who are already Certified Yoga Instructors.
Read all about the program, and submit an application to join, at

Lyra Lab and Spin Modalities with T Lawrence Simon!

We are excited to welcome T to Charleston as he makes his way up the east coast on his East Coast teaching tour. We had the pleasure of taking some classes with T when we were training at NECCA, and they were challenging, fun, and inspiring. Join us for 2 workshops on Saturday, March 8th. Contact us with any questions about the workshops, and we hope to see you there!

Lyra Lab:
(T’s signature Lyra Workshop)

Join T in his laboratory of aerial hoop, exploring unexpected transitions and dynamic pathways onto, in, and around the lyra. This workshop will take your hoop repertoire and methodology to the next level, mixing both skill-building and sequence creation into a jam-packed workshop that will leave your body exhausted, and your mind blown. This will be a creative, fun, but challenging workshop. Students must be already comfortable on lyra at an intermediate level (ankle hang, front balance, back balance…), and capable enough to work on sequencing in the air. Ankle protection is encouraged but not required.

Spin Modalities:
Discover the joy of creating spin on a lyra. We willl explore on axis, off axis, mixed axis lyra spinning techniques. Gain an understanding of lyra nodes and antinodes and how they help or hinder your skills as you spin. Lyras will be hung at various heights to explore many different ways to create spin as you mount the lyra. For comfortable beginners to advanced.
Cost: $50 Lyra Lab, $40 Spin Modalities, $80 for both.

Space is limited and pre-registration is required!

About T:
T Lawrence-Simon, or Tyler as he is also known, is a Philadelphia native, Boston resident, and world frolicker. He discovered an aptitude for aerial acts at a young age when he choreographed and performed the “Bare Butt Swing” (not for hire) on a hammock whilst on vacation in the tropics. A man of many interests and talents, T has studied dance, acting, physical theater, gymnastics, magic, piano, guitar, and classical flute. He also has a B.A. from Temple University in Theater concentrating in Stage Management, Lighting and Costume Design.

T has always been an artist in some form or another. After excelling in theater, T joined the circus world learning aerials at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. After graduating college, he attended the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) professional program. T specialized first in aerial hoop and rope, then took on the unique double-bar trapeze, and handbalancing for his graduating acts. T taught at NECCA teaching aerial hoop curriculum, and other aerial classes. Now, he resides in Seattle, teaching at Versatile Arts. T has been called “the master of aerial bad-assery”, but when on the ground, T can be found designing and sewing professional costumes.

Winter 2014 Student Showcase

Circus Building Student Showcase

Come see what our students can do!
Our next student showcase is happening January 11th, 2014 at 7:00pm. You’ll see a variety of acts on aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial sling, and static trapeze. Seating is limited, purchase your ticket in advance to guarantee admission.

Buy tickets here

Circus Building Entertainment at The Alley’s Studio 300 Anniversary Party

A big part of our mission is to grow the professional aerial circus community, and offer new performers and aspiring performers the opportunity to learn the business of performing while getting a foot in the door. The Alley contacted us because they wanted aerial and circus entertainment for their 1-year anniversary party, and they wanted something different from aerial silks which they had already featured at the last event. We called on several of the students in our Choreography classes for this event, and invented a new apparatus specifically to fit their theme!New Apparatus:
Wonderson Cagelier
For this event the Alley wanted Ambient Aerial Hoop, and something else different. We designed an invented apparatus that we’re calling the Wonderson Cagelier…multiple aerial hoops rigged in the shape of a cage. Invented apparatuses require much testing and practice to go live, so our founders Jordan and Clayton did the prep work and performed 4 solo and duo sets on the Cagelier.

New Performers:
Ambient Lyra LED Poi Spinner
Once an aspiring performer has successfully performed in one of our student showcases, we offer the opportunity to be part of professional gigs for those with the desire. Before a new performer gets up in the air at a gig, we require them to attend at least one professional gig as a ground assistant so they know how we run our gigs, they feel confident and ready, and know what to expect. Safety and professionalism always come first.

We brought 2 Angela’s to the event, one to perform on aerial hoop and the other to be “Spinmeister” and ground safety controller. Her job was to assist us in getting up to and down from the apparatuses (which were rigged high), and to generate spins from the ground. Her most challenging job was keeping an eye on the crowd to make sure nobody got too close to an aerialist while they were up in the air. She did a great job and made us all feel very safe and comfortable while we performed!

To perform ambient aerial with us, we require aerialists to pass our ambient aerial safety and strength test. Because this type of performing can involve many variables, even though it is not a choreographed act it is still an advanced type of performance (more so than highly choreographed acts, in many ways). To remain safe and in control, strength and the ability to change plans mid-stream is key. Angela passed our test with flying colors, performed 3 sets on Lyra, and the crowd loved her!

To fill out the circus vibe, Anastasia spun LED poi at the party. This was a big hit as she mingled and spun in all areas of the party.

Here’s a link to a photo album from the event. If you are looking for aerial or circus entertainment for your next event, contact us! We have aerial and ground acts, and an amazing crew. Happy flying!

Energize your day!

Get energized, get in shape and have fun at Circus Building Charleston
There is nothing more energizing than having fun! The work day can be exhausting no matter what you do, but our students always seem to walk away from class mentally re-energized. Yeah, they are physically tired, but who couldn’t use a good night’s sleep these days?

I remember as a kid hating the running exercises for the presidential fitness tests. There was nothing more boring to me in the world than running, but I loved to play soccer. I never grasped the irony that I could chase a ball for hours and be running the whole time. Come get an upper body workout with us while having so much fun you don’t even realize you’ve been doing pull ups for 75 minutes.

Rain Anya Weekend Workshops

We are so excited to host Rain Anya for a weekend of workshops in Charleston, SC! We are expected to fill up, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance. Read on for details…

Paper Doll Militia workshops at Aerial Fit

Paper Doll Militia presents:
Workshops with Rain Anya
at Aerial Fit in Charleston, SC
Saturday, October 5th – Sunday, October 6th

Go to AerialFit’s Workshop Page to learn more.

Call 843.225.5601, or log into our scheduling software to register.

Carnivalesque Performance

Carnivalesque Vaudeville Revival Sept 14th

Carnivalesque is back with their full-length show! And not only one–but two! Ladies and gents, you will have two chances to catch this show; there will be showings at 8pm and 10:30pm.

The usual troupe of motley characters will present their dazzling acts in an ode to old vaudeville. Join us for a night of dark magic, breathtaking beauties, fabulous feats, and out of this world oddities…we promise to show you an evening you will never forget. Click here to learn more or here to get tickets.

Student and Staff Showcase

Circus Building Student Showcase September 7th.

The first ever student showcase! Come see what our students & staff can do!

Featuring acts on aerial silks, aerial sling, and aerial hoop (lyra). Seating is limited and advance registration is required to hold your spot. Click here to get tickets.

Please carpool with friends if you can, and note that additional parking is located in the back of the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut parking lot.

Kids Aerial Circus Classes

Kids Aerial Circus Classes at Aerial Fit
We are excited to now offer kids classes. Classes will start in August. Class for kids aged 13 – 15 years old will be on Mondays at 4:30 PM. Kids aged 10 – 12 years old will also have class Mondays at 4:30 PM. Class for kids aged 7 – 9 years old will be on Thursdays at 4:30 PM. Kids that are 16 years or older can join our adult classes, but will require a guardian’s consent.