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CHarleston’s Home for circus arts

Circus Building is the center of Charleston’s circus scene. It is home to both Aerial Fit and Circus Building Entertainment.

ABout Circus Building facility

Our facility is a 2,100 square foot open space with 25 foot high ceilings and 3 I-beams with many rig points. Our I-beams are engineered for circus arts and installed by professionals. The majority of our rig points are fixed points, but we do have adjustable height points. Our entire floor space is covered in two-inch thick roll up gymnastic foam floors over smooth concrete. We require all aerialists to use crash mats for any work done at height. The facility is climate controlled.

We currently have the following apparatuses rigged: Low stretch aerial fabric, Single point aerial hammocks, Double point trapeze, Single point trapeze, Tabless lyras and Corde Lisse. We can also rig Medium stretch aerial fabric, Aerial Chair, Aerial Umbrella, Aerial Martini Glass, Aerial Straps and more.

Circus Building is located in West Ashley, just five minutes from Downtown Charleston.

Sign-up for Aerial & Ground Circus Classes

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We offer a full schedule of aerial classes (over 40 each week) for adults. Visit aerialfit.com to learn more and sign up.

Our mission…

…to provide top notch aerial training to anyone who wants to learn. All of our classes focus on excellence, safety, empowerment, and fun!

We believe…

…anyone can benefit from circus arts. We offer a wide range of classes including low aerial classes like aerial yoga, and classes that take students higher including aerial silks, aerial hoop, and static trapeze. We strive to offer something for everyone who is curious about aerial arts.

Safety is…

…paramount in aerial arts and we take it very seriously! We have an industry standard insurance policy that requires full safety compliance. We use only the highest quality gear that has undergone strict safety testing, and we inspect our gear on a regular basis. We use crash mats in a thickness appropriate to the apparatus and working height, and we keep our class sizes small so that all students will have the personal attention and spotting they need to safely progress. We empower our students with information about rigging and safety so they will be able to ask the right questions and recognize danger if they see it. You will never catch us hanging just anywhere!

Circus arts make the impossible possible!

…We provide a safe, professional atmosphere so that students can focus on their training and on having fun.

Hire High-end Circus Performers

Circus Building Entertainment Charleston

Aerial Performers can turn your event upside down!

Our performers are now accepting bookings in and around Charleston, SC. We specialize in Aerial Entertainment on a variety of apparatuses including Aerial Silks, Aerial Sling, Static Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, and Invented Apparatuses like Aerial Umbrella and Aerial Wine Glass for those who want something truly cutting edge.

For events both large and small, we can work with your theme to create unforgettable entertainment. Browse our site to learn more, then contact us to begin planning for your next event.

Visit circusbuildingentertainment.com to learn more about booking aerialists for your event.