Learn how to price for an aerial or circus performance

Want to know how to price your next circus or aerial performance? Follow the Fair 4 Four philosophy. Make sure it is fair for you, your teachers, the art form and the client. Please feel free to download and repost this flyer.

Download a low res fair4four file.

Safe circus rigging philosophy and rigging standards

Have fun, but make safety first. When rigging make sure you do your research and follow the most current rigging standards. Don’t know what they are? Ask a rigging professional.

Download a low res rigging standards file.
Download a high res rigging standards file.


There is a lot more to being a professional than just having skills. Pros stand firm on their pricing, safety and values. This means saying “no” to people who want you to perform for too little, or perform in a setting that is unsafe for you or the audience, or perform in a way that goes against your values. Be polite, try to educate and don’t be afraid to say “No.”

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Interested in rigging at home? Check out this document about safe practices, endorsed by many of the top aerial schools. Please feel free to download and repost this flyer.

Download a pdf rigging practices file.